Carbon Fiber Pneumatic Shaft

  • CARBON FIBER Pneumatic shafts are manufactured in sizes between 250 mm and 3000 mm. They can be manufactured in sizes up to 6000 mm in line with special customer demands.

  • Standard body sizes can be manufactured specially in 2.5", 3", 4", 5", 6". Our Pneumatic shafts are manufactured as per technical drawings of our customers as hardened 100-115 hrb.

  • They are also made of special steel according to the area of use and are hardened 40-55 hrc. Our Pneumatic shaft heads are coated with chrome, phosphate and zinc to increase corrosion resistance and surface quality.

  • All our products are shipped after their permeability, resistance and balance tests are completed.


Pneumatic Shaft

Arena Shaft uses its experiences in the products with a strong and professional design..

Safety Chuks

Designed for safe use. Even if your operator forgets running the locking system, it locks automatically in the first cycle.

Pneumatic Brake

Pneumatic brakes are used to stop the mobile and rotating machine parts in a shorter time.