About Us

Arena Shaft combines its understanding of quality and experience with its creative and strong team. It gives high importance to quality in production, competitive price, complete customer satisfaction and in time delivery.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to make our company a world leader offering the best prices for our products with perfect quality and understanding of service.

  • Basic Principles and Values

    Openness and Transparency
    Justice and Equal Opportunity
    Honesty and Reliability
    Being Devoted and Hardworking
    Productivity and Prudence
    Genial Communication
    Being Open to Innovation/Change
    Being Customer Oriented
    Total Quality


    Pneumatic Shaft

    Arena Shaft uses its experiences in the products with a strong and professional design..

    Safety Chuks

    Designed for safe use. Even if your operator forgets running the locking system, it locks automatically in the first cycle.

    Pneumatic Brake

    Pneumatic brakes are used to stop the mobile and rotating machine parts in a shorter time.