Arena Shaft - Machine and Plastic Industry Company
  • Quality and Creativity

    Arena Shaft combines its understanding of quality and experience with its creative and strong team. It gives high importance to quality in production, competitive price, complete customer satisfaction and in time delivery.

  • Micrometer

    Micrometer, which is used to measure the sizes of objects with 1/1000 mm sensitivity (precision), represents the High Level Understanding of Sensitivity shown to the customers by Arena Shaft.

  • Pneumatic Shaft

    Arena Shaft uses its experiences in the products with a strong and professional design.

  • Adaptors

    The pneumatic shaft systems are manufactured as per steel, aluminum and friction requirements. The standard pneumatic shaft systems can be prepared with: diameter: 3" and 6"; length: 300 mm- 4000 mm

  • Safety Chuks

    Designed for safe use. Even if your operator forgets running the locking system, it locks automatically in the first cycle.

  • Pneumatic Brake

    Pneumatic brakes are used to stop the mobile and rotating machine parts in a shorter time.